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When designing a home, it should include materials, colors and feel like it is a space that is yours at the end of the day. Full Service design includes everything during a home build on the construction selection side of things from space planning, floor plan utilizations, cabinets, tile, lighting, countertops, flooring, hardware + so much more. There are tons of options to consider in the market, and my goal is help guide + present the best options to make your home feel like it belongs to you! 

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Tara - Lights Unlimited

"Hannah is truly amazing to work with! I have worked with her for many years! She pays attention to detail and her love for what she does shows in her work!"

Megan - Byrd Tile

byrd tile_edited.png
“As a designer in the tile industry, working alongside Hannah on her projects has been amazing.  Her keen eye for detail and being able to visualize your space from loose samples to the final product. Hannah is able to work with clients personal style and create luxury, organic spaces one will love for years to come. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with such talent.”

Ryan - 

"I had the pleasure of working alongside Hannah at Homestead Building Company for a number of years. I was consistently impressed with her professionalism, creativity and attention to detail.  Hannah has a fantastic eye for design and was able to successfully manage the design process for all our clients, from initial concept development to final selections.  She was always hard working and attentive, ensuring that every detail was taken care of.  I highly recommend Hannah to anyone in need of design services."

Briana - Carolina Custom Kitchen and Bath

Screen Shot 2023-01-02 at 4.47.30 PM.png
"It has been such a great experience to work with Hannah! Seeing how she can completely take an idea and bring it to fruition has been so incredible to see and learn from. From Modern to Traditional and everything in between Hannah is really able to really connect to her clients and help make their visions come to life. Working with a designer who loves all things color and texture if so refreshing! Not only does Hannah look at the design elements, she loves to educate herself on products, techniques and procedures which only shows how committed to her craft she is. Being incredibly intentional with design choices allows Hannah to take on every type of clientele from small renovation projects to fully custom new construction, working with all types of budgets and prerequisites."
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